photogen_aef208(1)With the recent inception and boom in social media, marketing one’s own books on the various networks is practically a no-brainer. But as with everything of this sort, there are obviously some major dos and don’ts – and three things in particular that any and all writers should know about pitching their wares via social media marketing.

So let’s take a look at these three golden rules and learn more about what they are, yes? (Yes!)

Constant Professionalism Is Crucial

Nobody, no matter what they say, likes an amateur. And unsurprisingly, pretty much no one is too keen on doing any business or buying much of anything from an amateur either. This all certainly doesn’t mean that you need to act like you’re wearing a suit-and-tie and are the CEO of some Fortune 500 company all the time or anything. In fact, simply being respectable, friendly, easy-going and down to earth is more than enough to win over most people.

Just think of how you’d want someone to act or present themselves if you were planning on doing business or purchasing something from them, and follow this standard in anything and everything you do on social media. It will no doubt serve you very well.

Steer Clear Of Constantly Being In Hard-Sell Mode

Imagine, if you will, that you’re first meeting someone for the very first time. And the very first thing they did was beg you to buy their book, insisting it was very cheap, saying please up down and all around and generally being an annoying pain in the ass. Would you want to buy whatever it was they were selling? Of course not!

Constantly being in “sell, sell, sell” mode is a surefire way to annoy most everyone you come across in social media. And as a direct extension of this, is also a surefire way of ensuring that all of these people you come across – and you can come across a lot of people on social media if you know what you’re doing – will most certainly not want to buy anything you’re promoting regardless of whether it’s a book, service or product.

So simply tone down the hard-selling and know when to pick your spots and pitch your Kindle books and when to tone it down and just be an everyday person on whichever social media network you’re currently on.

Treat Others How You Want to Be Treated

It’s the cardinal rule of not just online life, but everyday real life as well. Treat others how you want to be treated. Show people respect and it will be shown to you in kind. In general, just don’t be a tool and try to start random arguments or air petty grievances for all of the social media world to see.

In this particular self-publishing and self-marketing business, making friends is key. And you’re certainly not going to be making any friends – or at least any new ones – by being mean or a bully to random people you meet on these networks. Just try and be as friendly, respectable and kind to everyone you come across just as you would if you’d come across them in your everyday life. And, as discussed above, simply treat others how you’d want to be treated. Or at the very least treat others how you’d want to be treated by someone whose book you were thinking about reading (and subsequently purchasing).