So you want to be a career author, yes? And you’ve rightfully decided that your best bet of this accord is to do so by becoming a career Kindle book author? Well, you’ve got the first (and often most difficult) step out of the way already, so good on you for that.

But what can you do to give yourself the best possible shot at becoming a career Kindle book author? Well, thankfully for you we’ll be taking a look at the four key steps you can implement to give yourself the best chance at achieving this goal in this very article. Four pillars to Kindle book career success, if you will.

Without further ado!

Step 1: Being Realistic

If this is truly going to be a career, you’re first going to need to figure out exactly how much money you’re going to need each month in order to properly and realistically sustain yourself. This doesn’t just take into account the bills, gas money and grocery store money, but also a bit of spending money for yourself each week and month as well. Everybody needs a bit of money to treat themselves from time to time and this career is no different.

Now, you’re not going to want to aim for initial A Song of Ice and Fire kind if income, but certainly don’t skimp yourself and aim for a pretty decent amount of monthly sales. After all, “if you shoot for the moon, you shall end up amongst the stars.” Or something…

Step 2: Representing Yourself In the Best Possible Way and Being Professional in Everything You Do

Now that you’re going to be writing as a living, it’s going to demand a kind of change in mindset in the way you approach it. No longer are you going to be writing for the joy of it in your spare time – as a hobby per se – and instead, your writing is going to essentially be your business. It’s now the why and how you make a living each and every month.

In addition, no longer are you just a writer but now an editor, a public relations and marketing manager, a proofreader and – essentially – a CEO who makes each and every decision for the financial better of your company.

Step 3: Being Dedicated

Upon first announcing to your family that you’re going to now be a full-time author, they may very well start to assume that you spend your days sleeping in and eating cereal in your underwear. But just as with Step 2, you’re going to want to remain professional and treat this newfound business decision accordingly.

One of the perks of working for yourself and being a career author means you can make your own hours, so you don’t have to work 9 to 5 Monday-Friday unless you want to. But you’ll certainly discover before not too long that you’re going to need at least 40 hours each week between writing, marketing yourself and working on public relations events and deadlines if you’re going to even hope to be able to meet your monthly income goals.

Step 4: Being Persistent & Positive

While many new career authors are quite negative when it comes to marketing their own work, you’ll be able to give yourself a boosted kickstart from the get-go by simply approaching everything marketing related that you have to do from a positive light. Form as many relationships with people within the industry and your own fans as you possibly can and really strive to learn to love the marketing aspect of what you do just as much as the writing.

Taking words such as “cannot”, “failure” and “impossible” out of your vocabulary right this instant is also an excellent idea. If you truly plan on becoming a career author – and plan on doing this for the long haul – than you’re going to likely have to work harder than you ever have before, rain or shine. It’s not going to be easy, but you can do it with the right combination of stubbornness and hard work.

Continue pushing yourself on those days when you think you’ve run out of energy and always strive to go the extra mile. And before long, you’ll look up, look around and realize, “Hey, I’m a full-time career Kindle book author!”

And trust us… it feels great!