Believe it or not, you don’t have to be overly overt when it comes to marketing your Kindle books. In fact, you can essentially act as if you’re not trying to sell your Kindle book at all – or at the very least make it seem as if you’re not desperately doing everything in your power to get the prospective buyer to purchase your stuff.

Selling and marketing things in this way is commonly referred to as a soft-sell. This is essentially a way of pitching products or services in such a way so that the overall marketing efforts that you utilize while pitching said product to a reader are much more casual and easier to handle than normal. Essentially, you’re making it appear as if the decision to buy your Kindle book is there’s and there’s alone, and you in no way are trying to pressure them into anything or constantly pepper them with abrupt, time-sensitive and shamelessly desperate call to actions.

The process of soft selling Kindle books involves using a much more friendly approach to your marketing than you may be used to. It involves simply talking about what you enjoy and adding something of use to the conversation. You can casually mention your book and how it relates to what you are talking about but don’t bother trying to force in any kind of specific message in the process. While it’s obviously not hard to be extra nice to people, especially if you’re faking it, many people do find a problem with soft-selling their Kindle books because of the lack of any definitive instruction on how to go about purchasing the product in question.

Which isn’t to say you’re not going to be giving them a direct line to purchase your Kindle book at all – oh no. Instead of the aforementioned shameless and blatantly desperate call to action buttons, soft-sells instead utilize simple text links that usually are summed up with a mere “click here”. Links can be included to anchor from your name on a social media site or via the just mentioned “click here to see more” text on a blog.

The next part of the soft sell that we’re going to talk about today involves giving away some aspects of your Kindle book for free. As with most every other industry, things sell even better when supplemented by complimentary free bonus products. As this relates to your Kindle book writing or publishing business, you can do anything from provide sample chapter excerpts on your blog or even implement a limited time discount to further entice anyone “on the fence”.

Staying positive and steering clear of too much negativity is also useful when it comes to the soft-sell. Positive emotions and words are oftentimes used in order to make it easier for people to take advantage of the overall “mood” of the moment. Although to be fair, this particular trick really does depend on the specific type of demographic you’re targeting with your Kindle book and doesn’t work for everyone.

The best part of utilizing the soft-sell method of marketing your Kindle book is that the overall process will be a lot more enjoyable and comforting to the average reader. This, ultimately, will help bolster your Kindle book sales while also giving you a generally favorable reputation. People are much more likely to respond to soft sells then if the advertising was forced down their throats from the moment they arrived at the landing page. The kindness and general laid-back nature of this Kindle book marketing strategy is a critical part of what makes it work.

Again, it all really depends on the specific demographic that you’re looking to target with your Kindle book. But if you’re looking for a safe, genuine way to market your Kindle book to people on your blog or website, then look no further because you’ve finally found it!