There have been many questions lately about how to market Kindle Books.

There are a ton of different ways to market your book. In fact we have an entire section on the Kindle Forum dedicated on this very topic.

Kindle is changing.  The days of just putting up a book and doing nothing more are over.  ”Book publishers” used to just go and put up one crappy book after another and that process worked for a while.  This does not work anymore for various reasons.  First, the competition is growing so you will need to do more to differentiate your book to make more sales and secondly, social proof is becoming more relevant.  Amazon really takes into consideration the amount of likes and REAL REVIEWS your books has.

The days of finding loopholes in the Amazon system is over my friends. This is great for the folks who want to publish the right way! This is not good for the people who are looking for a quick buck. In my opinion, the quick buck hardly exists with Kindle Publishing.

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