Did you know that after you submit your book to KDP Select that there are ways that you can proactively work to promote your book?

If you are in a niche or you have written a series of books on the same topic, it would be wise for you to set up some kind of “home base” or  ”command central” so that people can find all of your books in one place.  Not only that, but so people can learn more about you and what you have to offer.

This command central can be some type of blog where you an give away a free report in exchange for someone’s email address. This way, you can communicate with that person whenever you want as well as let them know when you have come out with another book or even when someone else in your niche has come up with a book that might be complimentary to whatever information you are offering.  Pssss…..make sure you are set to make affiliate commissions when you promote someone else’s book.

You can either set the blog up as your own name or your pen name – whatever you are working under.

The point is, if you are embedded in a niche, there are many other ways to promote besides just putting your book up on the amazon marketplace.