While we may not all set out to make writing and/or promoting our Kindle books a long-term career, there comes a time when it not only looks like it’s possible, but practically becomes a certainty! As long as you’ve been putting in the adequate amounts of time and research into not only just putting out the best possible Kindle book you can but also marketing it as efficiently as possible, such a crossroads will come upon you eventually.


And who’re we kidding? Writing and/or publishing/marketing your own Kindle books for a living is certainly an amazing and fulfilling career to have. So are there any possible steps or things to pay attention to going forward to help increase your likelihood of making this whole shindig a career?


Why of course there are! Let’s go ahead and dive in, shall we?


>>  #1. Surround Yourself With Great Working Partners and Counsel.


We’ve talked about this many times before. The self-publishing world is one in which you’ll very rarely find someone who’s able to not only write their Kindle book well, but also design a kickass cover themselves and then trifecta-parlay it all by marketing it out of the park. These people just don’t come along very often — if at all — and if you happen upon one then run in the other direction. They’re not human.


In all seriousness, you should honestly and unemotionally identify what you do well in your Kindle book self-publishing/marketing business plan and then everything else that you don’t do so well. You’re going to want to find the best, most solid business/working partners to help you fill these voids that your own knowhow or talent simply cannot.


Again, remember to try and do your best to keep your ego out of this decision. There’s really no shame at all in what amounts to not being a professional athlete in three separate sports.


>> #2. Research for Breakfast, Research for Lunch and Research for Dinner. (It’s Okay, There’s Ice Cream For Dessert…)


Ah, research. The Kindle book entrepreneurs biggest boon. But what is exactly even meant by research and can you truly dislike it with a vehement passion if you’re not even acutely aware of the many different aspects Kindle book research entails?


Because believe it or not but Kindle book research doesn’t just consist of researching various information and sub-topics for your fictional or non-fictional work of art. Oh no, it consists of researching competing Kindle books in not just your niche but all somewhat related ones as well. It also consists of researching possible blogs, message boards or online venues where you could shamelessly promote your Kindle book to the masses and blasting the hype-train up to 10 – full speed ahead.


It consists of taking a look at prices for not only the niches directly and even somewhat indirectly related to your Kindle book, but literally every single niche imaginable because… well, why not?


Actually, you know what? It’s all coming back to me why everyone hates Kindle book research now. Yeah, everyone was pretty spot on, in fact…


>> #3. Constantly Make Both Short and Long-Term Deadlines, Budgets and Goals; Keep Meticulous Track of Them.


If you’re going to want to parlay this whole Kindle book “hobby” business (as your close friends and family will no doubt continue to refer to it as until you start buying them increasingly pricey holiday and birthday presents) into an actual, sustainable career, you’re going to want to start acting like it aren’t you? Ideally this means that, even though there aren’t any people to lord over you and give you deadlines and outlines and the like, you’re still going to need to make this all happen.


Because you’re in business for yourself now and no one will care if you either make this career happen or tank or not except for you.


Now there’s no need to take this entirely too far and start making line graphs and infographics charts and such. So if you ever get that far, just take a deep breath and try and calm down and stop working for a while. But just by taking a few hours a week to help map out or outline the coming days, weeks and months in terms of deadlines, budgets and goals will only mean good things for your career in the long run. Regardless of whether you actually achieve them or meet them or not.


Which, coincidentally segues us directly into the next step…


>> #4. Don’t Be Afraid to Miss Deadlines, Go Over Budget and Completely Swing Wide Right (See: Off-Target) of Achieving Your Goals.


This isn’t a piece of cake career, nor will success ever be served to you on a silver platter. You’re going to need to work at this and put in the hours, blood (note: the red editing or proofreading marker or pen ink blood — not actual blood silly), sweat and tears that it will take for you to succeed. You’ve got to pay your dues and you’ve got to want it to truly get past the potential pitfalls that others who thought they could make this a career simply could not bypass. You’ve got to have the passion for writing, publishing and/or marketing to truly enable yourself to take this potential career to new heights. New heights you probably never even dreamed it could be taken to.


In other words, stay vigilant, stay on top of yourself and be as disciplined as possible, but don’t turn yourself into some kind of emotionless hack the likes of which no one in their right mind would ever want to hang out with. You still have an actual social life to live and enjoy outside of this newfound career of yours, you know!


>> #5. Take Proper Breaks, Days Off and Vacations So You Won’t Burn Yourself Out


This one might seem like common sense, but for anyone who’s ever truly tried their hand at earning a living writing their own Kindle books, it can turn into an absolute all-day and night obsession very quickly. Perhaps because it possesses such a concrete set of differing stages, from the research and outline phase to the ever-dreaded (or beloved) writing, editing and proofreading phase to the final homestretch self-publishing and self-marketing phase.


There’s a lot of multitasking that needs to be done — and then some — and then some. I’ve heard it said that those who thrive amidst chaos oftentimes perform the best as Kindle book publishers/marketers and I must say that I’m inclined to agree. It makes sense and even if you aren’t good amidst chaos, you will be if you want to make self-publishing your own Kindle books your career badly enough.


But alas, it’s about time to wrap this little get-together up already. Don’t fret and think too much on this if you’re worried about it. If you truly want to make being a Kindle book author/publisher to be your main career in life, then you can and will do it. Just work at it like you’ve never worked at anything before and never forget, appreciate and love the fact that you’re one of the lucky few on this planet who’s getting to do what they love for a living.


Good luck!