Images!  They are the lifeline of our Kindle Books and content creation!

Images bring your work to life.  Images are so important to people that, well, they built an entire social media platform out of it (hint hint, Pinterest).  Pinterest is now one of the hottest social media sites and it is all about images!

If you are going to be publishing content either to kindle or around the web, you need to get the skinny on images – which ones to use, which ones to not use and which ones that can get you in a heap of trouble to stay away from!

DoubleohDave has done the work for us.  He noticed a problem – people struggling with what images they can and can’t use….. especially the free ones!!

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Here is some of what Dave talks about:


















Holy Bonuses Batman!

There are tons of bonuses included in this program from plr images to headers to great pointers on how you can use images to your advantage.

Don’t ever be confused about images again after you get photoshoot.

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I did an entire blog post about the importance of images in Kindle books that you can check out on my blog!


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