of solid wood flooring and other products

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of solid wood flooring and other products

Postby happywork » Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:54 am

since the old saying goes, good word of mouth is free advertising, bad reputation is negative news, price war Can only create the dealer's own reputation, and the price of war can achieve the popularity of the market brand. "warm" by turning fast Recently, the reporter found in the interview, many well-known flooring brand has come to their senses,
the long-term low-cost shopping between the industry as a curse, but to upgrade products to quality and service Win the market, the elephant, the new elephant, up to more than 100 yuan a square meter price of the new simulation of solid wood flooring and other products to form a fist, single product that is in the Sichuan market monthly
sales of 10 million square meters of sales alone show In the city, the same to ultra-solid wood quality to win the Kyrgyzstan, Santa Rhone, Kenya and other flooring brands, by virtue of the strong expansion in the 23 market, one after another in the Chuan month sales of more than 40,000 square meters of supply Volume triumphant,
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