Children's furniture market development where the outlet

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Children's furniture market development where the outlet

Postby happywork » Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:56 pm

<P>Although today's children's furniture in appearance and practicality have been greatly improved, but in terms of detail, security, etc. is still lacking. National compulsory standard GB 28007-2011 "General technical conditions for children's furniture" focus on the structural safety of children's furniture,plastic picnic table for toddlers harmful substances limit, warning signs and other aspects of strict requirements. In this strict standard, many brands have been exposed to the problem.</P>
<P>In May 2016, Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision issued the results of the quality supervision and inspection of children's furniture products in Shanghai in 2016. One of the trademarks was "Colorful Rainbow", specifications (662/430 390 470, 2015.11), production enterprises (nominal) For the Guangdong Province, Foshan City,dedicated personalized beach chairs cost Jin Li Xuan Furniture Co., Ltd. bedside cabinet due to the transfer of elements of chromium, lead failed to be judged as substandard products. Dongguan City Magpie Furniture Co., Ltd. produced a trademark for the a-baby, specifications (SL-B001 / 480 420 550,2015.8.25) of the pine bedside cabinet edge and tip failed.</P>
<P>In September 2016, Chengdu Trade and Industry Bureau announced the first half of 2016 children's furniture, the quality of goods sampling results. The results show that Hong Kong is high Furniture Co., Ltd. production of "Tongxiao juvenile" small chair stool (specifications: Z-G01, 2016/4/6) formaldehyde emission exceeded; Chengdu Ju Tian Wood Co., Ltd. production "giant field" Specifications: S002,fishing chair china 2016/3/10) formaldehyde emission exceeding the standard; Dongguan City, a wood furniture Co., Ltd. production Hani Beibei bedside cabinet (specifications: C9001, 2016/2/20) warning signs failed. Dongguan City Run-year furniture Co., Ltd. production of bean dumpling (specifications: D-D01,2016-03) edge and cutting-edge failure.</P>
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