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always think everywhere contrast

Postby happywork » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:25 am

<p>without pollution, paving process using non gel - lock installation, more environmentally friendly. In contrast, &quot;paste&quot; cork flooring itself is also environmentally friendly, but in the installation process of adhesives and ground connection, users in the choice of paste type cork floor to the attention of floor rubber varieties, at present, can choose high quality rubber flooring with Black &amp; Decker Henkel adhesive, and a German import water cork floor glue. Is a good choice. 4, pavement roughness in the pavement roughness, </p>
<p>&quot;lock&quot; is better than &quot;paste type&quot;. &quot;Lock&quot; the substrate using modern large-scale sander sanding leveling, the substrate has a certain strength, so that the base lock type cork floor can cross and make up some small defects on the ground, the overall effect is good, high smoothness of pavement. &quot;The Handmade paste&quot; the self leveling cement as the base, the floor will be different with the flatness of the ground slightly floating. On the overall pavement roughness,Known as the king of Muzhi million teak, is famous all </p>
<p>over the world rare wood, teak furniture surface oil of high grade rich, strong sense of touch with lubrication, surface planing surface color is through photosynthesis, oxidation of golden yellow luster, Moxian delicate rich, very high value. But solid wood furniture is to require extra attention in the maintenance, especially expensive wood furniture, the house and a look at the six teak furniture maintenance tips. 1, damp wood furniture should not be placed in a very humid place, so as not to meet the expansion of the wet </p>
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