the fast-growing forest planting industry

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the fast-growing forest planting industry

Postby happywork » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:14 am

Once the ruling is in force, the US Customs will restrict the import of the relevant product in accordance with the order. Although the 2006 US International Trade Commission's preliminary results in the first few good news, but taking into account the prospects there are many variables, the domestic flooring business has been worried,
and now the company most reluctant to accept the results still appeared. It is understood that the final results, spread to Jiangsu Province, the entire wood flooring industry and the upper reaches of the fast-growing forest planting industry, Jiangsu Province, hundreds of enterprises export-related products to the United States,
the total billions of dollars. The results completely reversed "responding to 337, we lost, and now there is nothing to say." Heard the reporter mentioned 337 survey, a participant in response to the floor of the enterprise employees sensitive to rejected the interview. For the domestic flooring business, they are now suffering a huge psychological gap.
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