"Buy furniture to bear the tax point I only invoiced"

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"Buy furniture to bear the tax point I only invoiced"

Postby happywork » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:05 am

<P>The spirit of the "artisan spirit" of cognition and interpretation, there is over-interpretation: First, the spirit of the artisans slogan, there are few specific programs; Second,wet cloth hanger stand blindly emphasize the importance of artisan spirit, the lack of its background, content and system The third is the spirit of the artisan spirit of the label, speculation "ingenuity" "Carpenter" "Carpenter" and other concepts; Fourth, the words will be deeds, Japan and other countries craftsmen spirit, ignoring the spirit <P>of the local craftsmen to carry forward.</P>
"Artisans" word overwhelming, on the national strategy, the city business card, down to the business workshop, but alone the industry did not see the overall product quality improvement, "ingenuity" feelings to promote the fire, "artisan spirit" landing how difficult.Can not fall to the furniture industry "ingenuity" feelings,hot sale outdoor rattan lounger chair consumers will not pay for its continued. So that "ingenuity" into a good product to see, to effectively enhance the productivity of corporate profits, is still experiencing heavy difficulties.</P>
<p>From the OEM (OEM production) to the ODM (independent design and production), the furniture industry was coerced in the era of reform and opening up the torrent, the rapid growth of the order of the industry. Brutal growth, high-speed development of the times, the furniture to enjoy the conquering, fortune to bring wealth growth pleasure. "The world martial arts, is not broken," the furniture business from the sales system to grab the number of orders: quickly seize the market,best outdoor folding chair signed more franchisees, set up more outlets, a comprehensive layout of the 123 cities and township market ; From the manufacturing system to increase production capacity, expansion of plant, equipment, personnel, do everything possible to improve per capita production efficiency.</p>
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