9kW Amazon steam heater

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9kW Amazon steam heater

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The 9Kw steam generator is a healthy, stable and stable steam generator that is widely used in various saunas. We would like to introduce to you readers of this machine.

How is the 9KW steamer structured?

The steam engine operates based on the heat-generating mechanism through the heat-up of water in a steam engine, which affects the body causing sweat. Therefore, basically, the steam generator is simple and consists of the following components:

Enclosure: The steam boiler casing is made of stainless steel, scratch-resistant and coated with an electrostatic powder coating. This helps the machine operate safely even in hot and humid weather conditions in Vietnam. See more in: http://www.thongtintonghop.org/search/label/Xong%20Hoi

Incinerator compartment: This is a unit for supplying water to the steam room

Maiso: Mai soot is installed directly in the water tank with a powerful steamer and on the surface of the dryer. When the machine is started, mai-so will proceed to heat water to produce steam, provided to the fire department.

Microchip: This is a unit directly attached to the control panel to control the entire operation of the steam engine capacity.

Control Panel: The control panel is the center for controlling the full operation of the steam engine.

Steam pipe: This is the steam supply pipe for the sauna

What is the best 9KW steamer available today?

One of the most powerful brands of consumer steamers today is the Amazon brand. The Amazon 9KW steam turbine fulfills all your operations in a smart and flexible way. The Amazon 9KW steam water heater has a compact, easy-to-install design that can be installed at multiple locations in the bathroom. This is the family steam engine capacity is selected customers.

Amazon Power 9KW Amazon has smart design with remote control panel. This panel has many uses, but the main use is to help users adjust the function, adjust the temperature of the sauna.

In addition, Amazon 9KW steam engine is equipped with some functions such as self-protection function when there is dehydration problem, automatic error function, time setting function as you want.

The above is information about the steam engine capacity 9KW. To purchase genuine products, high quality and most competitive price, please contact Bilico Hotline 0986 168 007.

See more: http://xonghoi.info/may-xong-hoi-uot-amazon-9kw.html
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