The Setting Of Rabid-dog-flow Tactics In FIFA 17

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The Setting Of Rabid-dog-flow Tactics In FIFA 17

Postby fifacoinkopen » Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:52 am

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Rabid-dog-flow is just like its tactical name: fast! Accurate! Relentless! Three words to summarize it. The whole team is dreww back which compress the opponent in the limited space. The players is spreaded on wings after they catch the ball. Dribble player moving forward in fast pace with other players runing to the space as supporting. The ball player who found no position to dribble will give the decisive pass with keep the counterattack speed. The offence will be kept on a high level which make the opponent be unable to organize defensive nets in a short time . This is the tactical idea of a rabid dog.

Custom tactical settings:
High press to 75+
Aggressiveness to 85+
Team width to 1
Set back line to: offside trap
When the game begins:
Press Cross Keys to the right twice and set being Ultra Attack.
Press Cross Keys to the up and choose Team Pressing
Note: Do not press cross key to the down selecting high pressure. If you choose it, the tactical settings will not work.

The most important:
Be sure to turn on automatic substitution (choosing auto) and you have to press R1/RB all the time(With the right rocker substituting is better).
Analogue Sprint must be turned off so that the player can start with the fastest pace.
When you press R1/RB to get the player to grab it automatically, it seems that the physical exertion of AI is less when you manually control it. And now the major FIFA17 game engine like FIFA12, 5 years has not changed much, just the image with the new frostbite engine.
For example: You can hear the sound of someone playing the game when the game is on the line and the opponent appears. This can be heard in FIFA12.

Someone who want to experience the flow of Rabid-dog-style can follow the above method settings to have a try.
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