Fireproof properties of wood - plastic materials

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Fireproof properties of wood - plastic materials

Postby Qizhenbi » Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:42 am

Wood has always been the main material in the construction of our country, but the wood has obvious defects such as low absolute strength, poor rigidity, easy corrosion and easy cracking, and its application is limited. And put aside the other do not say, easy to burn this is the most fatal use of wood in the process, in relatively dry weather, the forest can easily lead to fire, which are caused by wood flammable materials, and it will be used in housing construction , Landscape construction, in the long run, is also more dangerous.
Today, we have to say that the wood-plastic composite material is wood fiber or plant fiber as the main component, after pretreatment and thermoplastic resin or other composite materials made of a new material. This material takes into account the dual characteristics of plant fiber and plastic, durable, long life, higher than the plastic hardness, better than the wood stability, and have good thermoplastic plastic processing, easy to shape. Another highlight of the wood-plastic material is the ability to reuse or recycle materials, with biodegradability. It is considered a very promising green materials.
Wood-plastic materials are now available in many places on the market, such as the provision of wood-plastic railings, wood-plastic round stool, solid wood flooring and so on.

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Re: Fireproof properties of wood - plastic materials

Postby truongcoi » Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:30 am

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