How to set up wireless network security

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How to set up wireless network security

Postby qzz10011 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:08 am

How to set up wireless network is safe? You can use the following methods: (1) <br / <br / > disable SSID radio Huawei Optix Intelligent Optical Transmission System Osn 1500B because the wireless network card connecting the wireless router, SSID (wireless devices for sign recognition character) plays an important role, when the wireless router confirms SSID by default, a wireless router is broadcast SSID, to around the space notice of their existence, the card can search the information that the wireless router exists. <br / > if the router is configured not to broadcast SSID, you can avoid those who do not know the permissions of wireless network card f5 networks f5 3400 asm gtm ltm lc apm adc exists in a certain extent, there is no link, we can manually enter the SSID wireless network card on your computer, inform the card according to the input of the SSID to connect to a wireless router can. <br /><br (2) /><br / <br / MAC address filtering each card has a unique identification parameter, is the MAC address of network card, just like everyone's identity. If you want to connect your own wireless network card to the router, you only need to set up the MAC address of your wireless network card on the router so that you can connect, so you can. Select &ldquo on DI-524M; allow the following list of computers to access the network ” select your computer name from the DHCP client, click < <, this computer MAC address is automatically added to the list. Other computers are prevented from accessing the router. <br /><br: (3) the wireless encryption between <br / wireless router and wireless network card router packet transmission, because it is based on the wireless signal, there is the possibility of monitoring, encryption configuration is configured between the Mini Pocket Usb Wireless Travel Ap Wifi Adapter Router and the network transmitting the encrypted data packet, which can make the communication more secure. The difference
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