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Electric pottery furnace is a kind of stove equipment which uses electric current heat effect to convert electric energy into heat energy. Its main structure is composed of heating plate, microcrystalline board, electric control system, temperature control system and furnace body.2 Stage Vacuum Rotary Vane Pump Similar To Busch And Leybold
Heating plate of electric ceramic stove are composed of heating part of the heating plate and heat insulation plate iron. Electric ceramic stove with progressive temperature rise, three thermal equilibrium, no local high temperature, not easy to paste chassis, false boiling etc., and cooking gas stove, can fry, barbecue, fried, hot milk, Hot pot, soup, stew...... It can also be equipped with a baking dish and a grill net for roasting; there is no special requirement for the pot material and no electromagnetic radiation hazard. When winter of the year, when the heater electric ceramic stove can also use.Oil Cooler Vacuum Brazing Furnaces
1, the heating rate is slightly slower. Without the speed of the induction cooker, it needs to wait for the resistance wire heating, and then heat transfer to the pot body.
2, low thermal efficiency: even the most low-quality electromagnetic oven on the market, can reach 86% of the heating efficiency, but the general electric pottery furnace thermal efficiency is only about 60%, so the electromagnetic oven than electric ceramic furnace power saving about 30%.Vauum Heat Treatment Furnace
3, there is a hidden danger of scalding: electric ceramic furnace heating temperature of 700 degrees, the use of a longer time cooling panel. And the temperature of the induction cooker panel is much lower.
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