The Top 3 Tips to Increase Your Kindle Book Sales

Out of all of the many things we talk about on here in the world of self-publishing and self-marketing Kindle books, anything having to do with how to increase or maximize your actual book sales is far and away the most popular of all. Not that this is very surprising — of course it’s one of the most popular topics — when it’s all said and done, it’s tied directly into learning how to ultimately make yourself more money at the end of the day.

There’s really nothing more that can be said — nor will I try to. However, I will simply segue directly into today’s post — one that no doubt has the vast majority of you are already frothing at the mouth ready to devour — which, coincidentally, helps teach you the Top 3 Tips to Increase Your Kindle Book Sales.

Indeed, without further ado!

1.) Take Adequate Advantage of Social Media

We’ve talked time and time again about the importance and potential of social media for both marketing and publishing your own Kindle books to their maximum effectiveness. And it’s only proving to ring truer the more time passes. Whether you like it or not, social media is here to stay — not just in the self-publishing game, but literally every other game as well.

If you’re still yet to seriously try and take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and/or any of the other social networks — both old and new — to bolster your Kindle book sales, well… the only person thing you’re hurting is yourself own wallet.

2.) Hand Out Review Copies or Provide Free Promotional Giveaways On Blogs or Sites Whom Cater to Your Target Demographic(s)

Many new Kindle book marketers tend to write this particular tip off because they don’t think they “rate” so highly yet or are popular/well-known enough to approach any blog or sites of note. But seriously, ask yourself the following two questions:

#1: Do you have enough confidence in your Kindle book(s) that you believe an honest, unbiased review would help you by advertising it in a positive, enjoyable light?


#2: Do you like free stuff? Nothing in particular or specific — just literally anything free you can think of…

If you were able to answer a resounding yes to both of those questions, get networking and reaching out to the blogs and sites with similar demographics to your particular Kindle book(s) and ask away. If it’s something useful or interesting or helpful — and you’re offering it for free in a professional, respectable light — then you should be good to go regardless of your personal popularity as an author/publisher yet.

3.) Provide Useful, On-Topic Bonus Material For Free to Effectively Help Supplement Your Main Kindle Book as a Bargain Deal/Offer

Tying in quite closely to tip #2, this particular tip instead deals with offering your customers (or potential customers rather) something free as a bonus in addition to your main and core Kindle book product. It doesn’t even have to be anything really in-depth or super complicated — seriously, you’d be surprised but sometimes something as simple as a complementary, “Top 10 X Ideas” related to the overall subject of your main Kindle book that you’re promoting will be more than sufficient.

Just remember that it’s more important to offer a bonus that’s related to the overall topic or general idea of your main book. You could write the best, most useful 500 page Kindle book on something entirely off-topic and you wouldn’t see much sales spikes even offering it for free. You need to provide your potential customer with a deal that they simply cannot refuse, so there’s no need to go overboard and there’s no need to oversell it.

An excellent resource to get in the right frame of mind for this particular tip is to watch late-night TV infomercials and take a look at the supplementary/complimentary free or super-discounted bonus products that are offered near the tail end of the commercial. Take notes, analyze, dissect and copy the overall marketing strategy to your Kindle book campaign. Bada-bing, bada-boom — it’s easy as pie!

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The Personal Book Trailer

I came across this book trailer today.

I absolutely love this trailer!  It really brings the author to life having this real life video of her speaking from the heart about her work.

I just wanted to point this out that the possibilities of creation are endless when it comes to writing, publishing, and marketing on the kindle.

Be sure to share your book trailers on the kindle marketing forum!


How To Get Pinners To Click On Your Pinterest Images?

I was going around Pinterest earlier and I noticed something that I wanted to share with you.

You see, what was happening is that this time around, I noticed myself clicking on more pins which I was never really so inclined to do in the past.

So what changed?

I made an observation and realized why I was clicking on more pins!  Look at the image below. If you click on it, it will lead you to my pinterest page.

pinterest secret









Pinterest users are quite familiar about how Pinterest works. If you don’t understand then head over to pinterest and you will quickly learn.  Basically, when you click open a pin and then you click on the image, it brings you to whatever link the pinner has set up to take you. If you go to this pin, you will notice that if you click the pin, it takes you right back to this blog page!! How cleaver!

Here’s the strategy: Put unanswered questions in your images and give the viewer teasers. Use traditional headline / title strategies in your pins.

If you were a pinner who wanted help in the area to get the viewers of your pins to click on the image to your link, and if you came across my pin, you would probably be inclined to click on it.

Here’s another one that I found to give you another example:










Andrea Warner’s pin says “16 things that Calvin & Hobbes Said Better Than Anyone Else”

Isn’t that better than having an image listing all 16 things right on that image?  Why would the viewer ever need to click through?? They are getting all of the information right there!  Sure, they might be more inclined to comment, but you want traffic.

Another strategy here would be to list 2 or 3 Calvin & Hobbes sayings (this is your teaser).

This should open up your mind.

Think about it – before I made this realization, if I was marketing a kindle book, I would probably throw up the cover of that Kindle book and perhaps put a link in the comments section for people to buy my book.  However, this changes the strategy…..

My next book is about how to get more energy.  With this new strategy, I would probably say something like “I did this and got more energy instantly” AND THAT’S IT. Frequent pinterest users will know that they need to click on the image to see what I did to get more energy.

Get to pinning with this new strategy!! It will take you far!


Fast Kindle Book Creations

Would  you like to be able  to create Kindle books really fast?

How long does it take you to create one book if you are planning to write it yourself?

It’s not about writing or typing faster! It’s about having the right steps lined up to get your books done quicker.

See the steps here in The Weekend Kindle

It is very possible to write a Kindle book over the weekend, especially when the books that you are creating are short ones that get right to the point.  Don’t get me wrong, these short books have 2 things:

1) high quality and unique content (that should always be the case)

2) It should answer the question that your target reader has

For example, if you are writing a book about some of the ways that a person can get rid of acne, you don’t have to go on for 500 words about what acne is.  That is not the purpose of your book!

People are looking for quick reads and The Weekend Kindle will show you exactly how to create these shorter books that sell really well because they are solving your readers problems.



Kindle Outsourcing Tip

I am working on a book series project right now and I thought it would be a good idea to have my books outsourced because there are a lot of components to the project I am working on and that was just one of the things that was decided to outsource.  I knew that I would need to work on the book once it was received back but boy, was I wrong this time.  I won’t say where I got the work done but I learned a lesson to say the least from this experience.

I got the articles of the book back and they were horribly written.  The english was bad, there were misspelled words, sentences didn’t make sense, and thoughts were all over the place. It was clearly done by someone whose first language was not English.  This was very upsetting because I was on a deadline.

I could have saved myself a whole lot of time just by testing the waters first before I gave the writer the entire job.  I had no other choice but to write the ebook myself because I lacked the time to scout out another writer in a short period of time that I had.

Lesson learned the hard way.  The only thing that saved me was that I was very interested in the topic that I wrote my book about – otherwise I would have been in really deep trouble.

Check out more outsourcing tips on the kindle forum.

kindle forum


Kindle Images Explained

Images!  They are the lifeline of our Kindle Books and content creation!

Images bring your work to life.  Images are so important to people that, well, they built an entire social media platform out of it (hint hint, Pinterest).  Pinterest is now one of the hottest social media sites and it is all about images!

If you are going to be publishing content either to kindle or around the web, you need to get the skinny on images – which ones to use, which ones to not use and which ones that can get you in a heap of trouble to stay away from!

DoubleohDave has done the work for us.  He noticed a problem – people struggling with what images they can and can’t use….. especially the free ones!!

See more about PhotoShoot Here

Here is some of what Dave talks about:


















Holy Bonuses Batman!

There are tons of bonuses included in this program from plr images to headers to great pointers on how you can use images to your advantage.

Don’t ever be confused about images again after you get photoshoot.

Get it here

I did an entire blog post about the importance of images in Kindle books that you can check out on my blog!


Kindle Forum


Marketing Your Kindle Book and Kindle Forum

There have been many questions lately about how to market Kindle Books.

There are a ton of different ways to market your book. In fact we have an entire section on the Kindle Forum dedicated on this very topic.

Kindle is changing.  The days of just putting up a book and doing nothing more are over.  ”Book publishers” used to just go and put up one crappy book after another and that process worked for a while.  This does not work anymore for various reasons.  First, the competition is growing so you will need to do more to differentiate your book to make more sales and secondly, social proof is becoming more relevant.  Amazon really takes into consideration the amount of likes and REAL REVIEWS your books has.

The days of finding loopholes in the Amazon system is over my friends. This is great for the folks who want to publish the right way! This is not good for the people who are looking for a quick buck. In my opinion, the quick buck hardly exists with Kindle Publishing.

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Kindle Time

ring binder


As you get into writing Kindle books, you will get into a groove and you will also get better and better at what you are doing.

I promise you, there are going to be some days that you just don’t feel like looking at your computer. I am sure you know the feeling!  You need to prepare for this.

Make small goals for yourself to get work done in a given period of time so that you continue to move your kindle publishing business forward.

Even if your goal is to write 500 words in a day, that is 500 words more than you had before, which is a great accomplishment!

Before you know it, it will be quite easy to write 500 words in a very short period of time.  If you don’t see improvement here, then perhaps Kindle publishing is not for you…..however, that does not mean you cannot publish books.  Kindle outsourcing might work better for you if you find yourself having a hard time writing.

Choose which method works for you and get it done!


Get Social – Kindle

The more of a social interaction you can have with your kindle book, the more likely you are to sell more books.

The beauty of social media is that it works both ways.  Meaning, your potential kindle readers can find you through social media, and your current kindle readers can connect with you using social media after they have read your books.  This is great because then you can update your profiles (yes, all of them) to let your followers know when you come out with more books.

Here are some social media sites that you should consider if you are marketing kindle books:

–Google +

Setting up these sites are not that hard. You can have a centralized place where you can update all of your media in one place. This will save you a lot of time.

Social media will allow you to gain a more personal relationship with your readers.  Don’t underestimate the power of social!!


Kindle Marketing

Did you know that after you submit your book to KDP Select that there are ways that you can proactively work to promote your book?

If you are in a niche or you have written a series of books on the same topic, it would be wise for you to set up some kind of “home base” or  ”command central” so that people can find all of your books in one place.  Not only that, but so people can learn more about you and what you have to offer.

This command central can be some type of blog where you an give away a free report in exchange for someone’s email address. This way, you can communicate with that person whenever you want as well as let them know when you have come out with another book or even when someone else in your niche has come up with a book that might be complimentary to whatever information you are offering.  Pssss…..make sure you are set to make affiliate commissions when you promote someone else’s book.

You can either set the blog up as your own name or your pen name – whatever you are working under.

The point is, if you are embedded in a niche, there are many other ways to promote besides just putting your book up on the amazon marketplace.